Martial Arts & Self-Defense

We teach martial arts as a means to develop physically, mentally and spiritually; striving to develop not just physical prowess in our students, but also self-discipline, mental focus, integrity, and respect. We place a strong emphasis on character traits that will benefit our students throughout their entire lives.
Instruction is geared to the needs of each individual student, with classes offered for various age levels and experience. We also have open floor periods where students of all ranks and age can work together.

We have classes for students of all ages and experience, from age 4 on up. Students are placed into one of the six different age groups we teach: 
  • 4-5-year-old class (all ranks)
  • 6-8-year-old class (all ranks)
  • 9-13-year-old Novice class (white-yellow belt)
  • 9-13-year-old Intermediate class (orange-purple belt)
  • 9-13-year-old Advanced class (blue-black belt)
  • 14-Adult class (all ranks)

Monthly Schedule